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Backstreet Chronicle
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 Chapter 1 

This is the second epic tale in the Backstreet Chronicles. Some now commences... Book 2.

"So much for Uranus Records." A.J said.

"I gotta go to the cleaners. My super-hero outfit still has some alien goop on it. Does anyone else want me to bring theirs with me?"

"Noooooooooooooooooooo!," Mulder screamed," I have to anaylize that 'alien goop' so leave it alone!"

"Shut up, Mulder! Hey man, I'll go with you." Nick said.

A.J had a bag with the outfits in them.


Nick's cellphone rang. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little green cellphone.

"Hello-Hi Mom-Sure-NO!-NO!-Fine-Bye" Nick pressed a little button on the phone that produced a little beep then folded up the cell phone and put it back in his pocket.

Nick cursed under his breath

"What is it, man?" A.J asked with concern.

"We have to pick up Aaron from school early because he feels sick." Nick said with disgust.

"What's so bad about that?" A.J asked.

"Remember when we did that concert there. Every single girl there chased us to the bus. They, like, smashed the door in. It was a GREYHOUND!" Nick and A.J. recalled the day and twitched.

"Oh, yeah...Well, I have an idea."

Fifteen minutes later Nick and A.J were in the lobby in the school dressed with huge scarves, sweaters, and a huge cloak over them hiding their faces so only their eyes showed. They walked into the office.

" Hello,"Nick whispered, "We're here to pick up Aaron Carter in Room 3C."

"You'll need some identification, sir." the secretary said peering over her lap top.

"Uh...I don't have any identification. But I'm his brother." Nick said. He hoped she'd leave it at that. The secratory folded down the lap top.

"I need some identification. Wait just a minute I have pictures of the people he's autiorized to go with. Are you any of these people?"

She spread out a vast collection of photograghs. Among them Nick and A.J. Of course the rest of the Backstreet Boys were there along with an agent, a manager, security, and eventually friends and family of Aaron.

"Yeah that's us right there." A.J pointed to the pictures of himself and Nick.

"Uh...sir...both of you need to take off your various articles of outer clothing so I can see you." the secretary sounded like she was trying to deal with minors.

Nick and A.J took off there outer wear making them look smaller.

"Oh...I'm sorry for the wait gentlemen. I'll get on the P.A system and tell him your here to pick him up."

Nick turned to look at A.J and mouthed the word no. But it was to late! A peircing beep went through every single room and hall in the school. Then: "Will Aaron Carter come to the office with his belongings. A.J McLean and Nick Carter are here to pick him up. Aaron Carter to the office, please."

In about five minutes Aaron arrived in the office. He sighed.

"Good the girls aren't here yet. As soon as the girls hear'd the announcement they went to the bathroom to do there make-up, hoping to catch us on our way out. So we better hur-" Aaron got cut off by 200 girls screaming all the way down the hall.

"Let's go!" A.J screamed. They ran out. The secretary watched as moments later half the school ran down the halls after them. She opened up her laptop and said while she typed: "Aaron Carter, running in the halls."