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Backstreet Chronicle
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 Chapter 3 

Mulder looked at Scully like she was a ghost.

"S-s-scullly?" Mulder said scared.

"Yes, Mulder." said Scully cooly.

"Are y-y-you-uh..." Mulder was speechless.

"They've come back for me Mulder. They're here somewhere. Save me!" Scully sounded scared.

"Who is after you? Is there something you have to tell us?" Mulder said sounding calmer. Scully grabbed Mulders arm and pulled him into the kitchen. Nick and A.J looked through a crack in the door.

"I have a conffesion to make." Scully's voice got lower and in-human. She grabbed a butcher knife and sliced herself from forehead to navel. Instead of her internal organs falling out her outer layer of skin came off revealing an alien. Like the one from that autopsy video. The same almond eyes and hairless body except she had large claws. A.J almost threw up.

"I'm not sure I really wanted to see that!" inquired Nick quietly.

"We have to save Agent Mulder!" cried A.J.

Howie, Brian, and Kevin glanced over to where A.J. and Nick were crouched and A.J. motioned for them to come over. They ran towards them queitly. A.J threw them all amulets. They spun around so fast they were like I blur! All of a sudden they stopped. They were wearing super hero costumes! (How Spandex of them.) Kevin had super human strength! A.J turned into a marks man! Nick was a ninja! Brian could jump extremely high! Howie could project holograms.

"Where'd you get this technology?" they all asked A.J.

"Shhh! Don't tell, but I had an affair with Scully!" A.J said with a sheepish smile on his face. The rest of the guys looked at him with a disgusted face.

"You have to admit she WAS pretty hot for an alien!" A.J said. The rest of the guys looked at each other and showed that they agreed by nodding their heads. Kevin suddenly snapped.

"Lets get to work guys. We have to save the world and then go do our audition with the Dough Boy to get Uranus Records to sign us." Howie projected a hologram over each one of the guys so they looked like kitchen appliences.

"Look," screamed Mulder, "that dishwasher just appeared out of nowhere and now its walking around the kitchen!"

"I'm not falling for that old human trick- HOLY SON OF ALEXANDER!" Scully screamed.

"No, I don't think I want to be a Daddy just yet. But he would difinetly have to be blessed by the Pope." A.J said informaly.

"What do you mean?" Brian asked.

"You do know what the 'A' in A.J means don't you?" A.J whispered.

"Brian! Jump!" A.J suddenly yelled.

Scully clapped her humongous claws and just missed squishing Brian by a millimetre. Brian jumped ten feet into the air. Thank Buddah the almighty Dough Boy has tall celings.

"A.J?" she asked. A.J didn't have time to answer Nick pulled some awesome martial arts on Scully. Kevin picked her up and through the across the room and through two walls. All the guys including Mulder looked at Kevin.

"I hate them whiney chicks!" Kevin said. They all laughed. (Sort of.) (Okay, they were scared peeless.) They heard a little creak. The guys tensed and Mulder pulled out his gun. But it had been switched with a Super Soaker! Nick and Brian grinned at each other and did a silent high five.

"This is not the time!" Mulder didn't look amused. Every one else did though. All of a sudden Scully dropped down from the ceiling. Before she could do anything A.J pulled out a bazooka from under his cape and shot her. Even though the bazooka is very powerful she was still alive. But definetly out of the fight. The crowded around her. "A.J," she whispered. She turned back to her human form. A.J turned and looked at Howie.

"Com'n, she was just to wierd in her other form. Espcially if you guys were gonna kiss or something." Howie stated.

"I thought you were a lover-not a fighter." Scully said in a hoarse whisper. She was crying. A.J pulled out the bazooka and struggled to lift it and put it at her head. Then...He tipped over backwards. The bazooka fell over and smushed him. An other alien crawled out from under bazooka almost identical except he had a big red butt and was approximatley 3 feet tall. "I tricked you!!--Nanananana!!!--" the alien said. "My name is Musthafapoo! I've come to rule your planet!" Everybody started laughing. Kevin turned around and Musthafapoo shot him in the butt with some sirt of gun. (It looked like the Soaker Triple X) The Spandex melted off exposing Kevin's rear. The real A.J. then ran out of the bathroom.

"That was some mean chili- hey what the!" Mustafapoo lunged at him!