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Backstreet Chronicle
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 Chapter 4 

A.J jumped out of the way just in time.

"Dudes! I think the fumes are getting to me!" A.J said with real concern. Brian reached down and took an amulet off the skin of the "other" A.J.

"Here," Brian said, "I beleive you will require this."

"What happened to Scully-whoa the three foot alien is coming towards me with a Super Soaker." A.J said. He put on his amulet, did the spinning thing and re-appeared wearing a full length leather jacket and sunglasses.

"I love the sunglasses!" A.J said.

"C'mon Shaft we have to save the world." Howie said.

"Shaft?" asked Mulder. There thoughts were interupted by by a small clicking sound.

"Okay, what was that?" Nick asked.

"The sound of your doom!" Mustafapoo pounced on Nick. Nick punched the small red alien in the face. Nothing happened.

"Huh?" inquired Nick and then he karate chopped Mustafapoo in the neck. CCRRUUNNCCHH! Nothing.

"What?" Nick said. Then his face lit up. He kicked Mustafapoo where most men, super-human or not, would not like to be kicked. There were a couple rattles but again no pain had been innflicted on the small unearthly creature. Nicks face was alarmed. "NO WAY!" He said with more alarm then when every one heard that Kennedy had been shot!

"What are you?" Nick asked.

"Your asassin, you blind fool."

"No name calling now." Nick requesteed.

"What you don't know about your powers is after two earth hours you have lost your power and you turn back to regular human form." Musthafapoo inquired, "You have to recharge again to regain your power, here is an instructional video. Anyhoo, none of you are charged enough to kill me. Hahahahahahaha!"

"You forgot about me!" Millions of little tiny little holes appeared in Mustafapoo's chest. Smoke rose out of them. Then he started melting.

"I'm melting," screamed the dieing alien, "I'm melting. What a wretched little boy! I'll get you one day! And your little dog too!"

"Leave Panda out of this!" A.J screamed in agony.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh. " Musthafapoo's screams died with him.

"Where did you get that Super Soaker?" Mulder asked. He had been mostly silent throughout the whole ordeal.

"Well I figured that if Mustafapoo had a Super Soaker then the other alien must of had one to so I went and got that while Musthafapoo was occupied." A.J explained to the group.

"Sheer genuis!" exclaimed Howie. "But when did you go to the bathroom?" Howie asked.

"Well, I gave you guys the amulets then suddenly I was in the bathroom. Whoa! That was a big-"

"Thats enough!" Kevin interupted A.J. "Thanks for saving us A.J."

The almighty Dough Boy walked out with a angry look on his face.

"What in the hell are you doin'?!" he asked with puffy cheeks and specks of saliva flying every where.

"We were saving the world, sir." Mulder said in a look-what-a-good-employee-I-am-would-you-like-me-to-kiss-your-butt-more, kind of voice.

"Shut up Agent Mulder! Mr.Richardson, you being the oldest and this being the nineties I hold you responisble for the hole in my wall and-Hey is that an alien?" He asked with the angry tone of voice gone.

"Yeah, I kilt it." A.J said with pride.

"Ummm, clean up right away. I'll get some of my my boys in here and get the body and rebuild the walls. You guys have to keep your mouth shut! Do not I repeat do NOT let this get out! Put on something respectable because you have to go to an audition tonight.

Be good because this Uranus Records might be the one! 'm going to go get a Twinkie."

"Uh,Mr.Dough Boy. I think you should hold us equally responsable. Because we all helped put it there." Nick said.

"Actually, it was just Kevin, A.J. and Nick! 'Cause Kevin threw the weird Scully/Alien threw the wall! And it was Nick's idea to listen in on Agent Mulder and Agent Scully's conversation and it was A.J.'s the one who smushed the alien...Yep, yep, yep, yep!" Mulder said as if he had seen his older brother kissing some girl down the lane."

"Is this true?" the almighty Dough Boy asked. "I think someone needs a little time out, Mulder."

"It was all of us," Nick pleaded, "Right guys...GUYS...RIGHT GUYS?"

He was answered in a bunch of low mumbles. "I guess I could have-I did do a little-I guess-yeah-Nick I'm...uh...sorry."

"See!" Nick said to the almighty Dough Boy.

"Well," the almighty Dough Boy responed. Nick looked eagerly, "I guess your all grounded then! And to think! I got you guys a little surprize!"

"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" They all pleaded.

"Then I guess I can give you your surprize." the almighty Dough Boy wistled and 10 Victoria's Secret models walked in and started complementing the boys on their hair and things like that.

"Can we keep them?" asked A.J.

"Anything for my 5 sons." the Dough Boy said with a father-like tone in his voice.

"This is the best day ever! Thanks for the presents, Dad." Nick said. They all started laughing.

Well, that's the end of this chronicle.

No aliens, animals, Super Soakers, kitchen appliences, people, or Victoria's Secret models were harmed during the procedure of making this book.

The End