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Backstreet Chronicle
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 Chapter 2 

"When is he gonna get here?" the all mighty Dough Boy complained.


"That would be the door bell." stated Agent Mulder.

Everyone in the room thought of Agent Mulder's concept and then ran to get the door.

They opened it up and in the door stood the Sundance Kid. He looked at all of them and said,

"Hi, y'all! My name is the Sundance Kid. Is Butch around?" He had the thickest accent you could possibly imagine! They all had the same thing running through their minds: COUNTRY BUMPKIN!!!!!!!

"Uh...Come on in." the all mighty Dough Boy said.

In the living room they found Agents Mulder and Scully setting up a make-shift lab. They had micro scopes and medical tools and a big operating table. Scully looked up from her work.

"Is he ready?" she asked while getting out a needle as long as her arm. The Kid looked worried.

"Come lay down on the operating table. Oh, don't worry! The pain will make you hullucinate so you won't remember any of this." Mulder said with a caring voice. The Kid fainted. Mulder carried him to the operating table. Tied his legs and arms down and carried on with the preceduer. When The Kid came to Mulder was looking through some files.

"Mr.Dough Boy! The results came out positive." said Agent Mulder.

"I want top notch treatment for this kid." said the all mighty Dough Boy.

"We've all ready given it to him Mr. Dough Boy, sir." said Agent Scully.

Agent Mulder and Scully went out into the hall to talk in private. Larry and Curly the youngest of the group snuck out and listened to them.

"He's the one Scully. The one we've been working so hard to find. We're on the verge of-" Mulder was cut off by Scully,

"We're always on the verge of something, always. Maybe this doesn't have to do with aliens or deadly extra teresstrial diseases. Maybe he's just a singer." Scully sounded irratated.

"You didn't let me finish! Scully, listen to me! I have a vision. You know that market where all the teenagers socialize?" Mulder said.

"The Backstreet Market?" Scully offered.

"Yeah, what if this group was the Backstreet Boys? Doesn't it sound good? I mean I think we're on the verge of a phenomenon! Maybe we are standing on gold! Maybe if we could feed these people's heads with fantasies and dreams of becoming pop stars they would have so much self-conifidence that they would become the Backstreet Boys!" Mulder sounded exited.

"We MUST change their names," Scully insisted, "I mean Curly-Larry. Instead

of Curly and Larry, how about A.J McLean and Nick Carter. Listen to this the Backstreet Boys: Curly, Larry, Moe, Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance Kid. Tisk, tisk. This sounds better: the Backstreet Boys: A.J McLean, Nick Carter, ummmm,

Kevin Richardson, two more names, errr, ummm, Howie Dorough, and Brian Litterell!" Scully sounded pleased with herself.

"What do you think they'll think about it." Mulder asked. Curly-er-A.J jumped out from his cover.

"Agent Scully!" he sounded alarmed, " How did you guess our real names? Are you clairvoyant?"A.J asked.

Mulder and Scully looked at each other in awe.