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Backstreet Chronicle
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 Chapter 3 

"I can't beleive I have to drag you along! I'm mean you aren't supposed to be sick?" Nick said.

Aaron just smiled with pride of the aggrivation he'd caused his sensitive older brother.

"I'll be your friend." said 19 year old Brian Littrell.

"You sound funny!" exclaimed little Aaron.

"Well, get a load of Kevi over there." Brian giggled.

"What?" Kevin asked with a thick accent. Aaron broke out laughing. Brian whispered in Aarons ear, "Hey, if you think that's funny..." Aaron grinned from ear to ear as Brian explained his idea.

"Uh... I have to go down town. Aaron you wanna come?" Brian said. His smile was from ear to ear.

"Yeah!" Aaron said grinning equally wide.

* * *

"Howie! Guess what?" Aaron yelled in Howie's ear. Howie stopped snoring and woke up.

"Wha-what is it, kid?" Howie said rubbing the eyeball boogers from his eyes.

"Well, I designed the one and only cheese puff that is truly superior! Wanna taste?" Aaron asked.

"No thanks kid. I'm not really hungry. Go ask Brian. He'll eat anything. He loves food. He even named his truck after it!"

Brian heard that from behind the couch. Man, was Howie every gonna pay.

"But I want you to taste it. Brian just doesn't care like you do. Com'n please." Aaron forced himself to cry by thinking of his dead cat.

"It's o.k Aaron! Don't cry," Howie pleaded, "I'll try one." Howie gave in. Brian could barely contain himself. He cautiosly rose from behind the couch with a cam-corder. Howie didn't notice him untill it was too late. Howie reached in the bag and popped a little orange puff into his mouth. He heard the beep of the camera and knew he had made a huge mistake!

Howie's face wrinkled up.

"Get me water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Howie screamed. Aaron and Brian laughed untill it hurt. Howie ran out to get water then ran back in briefly only to give Brian a rude hand gesture. It made them laugh harder!

After that little ordeal more practical jokes popped up everywhere. Mulder experienced the horror of a life time. Which is very suspicious because the slasher from Scream had a little accent that ought to have given him away. But Mulder is very gullable. He is the only one who wants to beleive. The Dough Boy had flying utencils. Kevin walked out of the bathroom with a "Kick Me!" sign on his butt! Nick and Howie decicded to compete with Aaron and Brian to see who could create crueler jokes.

Later that afternoon, Brian walked out to his car only to realize it was gone!

"Com'n guys," he yelled, "Where'd did ya put my truck?" Then he had the concept that someone might have actually stolen it. He went into panic! Nick walked from out of nowhere.

"Whatcha doin'" Nick said trying to sound curious.

"Well, I think someone has stolen my truck." Brian said with geniune concern.

"Really?" Nick said smiling. "It looks to me like it's right there." Nick pointed to the truck which apeared right behind them. Brian looked astonished.

"But it wasn't there a minute ago!" he was confused out of his wits. (Not like that's very much though.)

"Are you sure?" Nick said still smiling.

"Hey!," Brian said after he unlocked the mystery,"You little brat! I betcha Howie's around here somewhere!" Howie as predicted walked out from behind the bush

rubbing his forhead.

"You used you telepathic powers that alien gave to us-(Ahem stole from him)! Okay, you wanna play that way." Brian grabbed his amulet. So did the rest of them. Moments later...three super-heros stood there. (With minimal alien goop on them thanks to A.J.) Brian ran and jumped phenomally high, genterated a ball of glowing energy, and slammed it down into the basketball net (there was one in the driveway) making a smoking hole in the ground underneath it.

"Beat that!" Brian said. Of course Howie couldn't jump 2 feet with his giant cloak on so he generated an illusion of himself doing a slam dunk. Nick threw the ball into the air towards the basketball hoop. He jumped after it. In the air he shedded it to bits with is Japenese sword. The sheds of leather fell into the net and landed in the smoking hole in the ground. Behind the truck hid Aaron. His eyes wide his mouth gaping. He had just wittnesed his big brother and his brothers' friends do things they could never do in real life. He quietly climbded into the back of the truck. He made his way carfully through the musical intruments as not to make any sound. He tripped over a carrying case and landed on the drums! All the guys looked over.


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