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Backstreet Chronicle
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 Chapter 4 

"Way cool! How'd you do that. No don't tell me! I'll be right back.!" Aaron yelled then left before the boys said anything.

"Great. Now what are we going to do?" Nick said.

"Hey, you were the ones who hid my truck!" Brian shot back. Howie giggled. "Actually it was you who started this whole thing! So I wouldn't be giggling if I were you." Brians' face was almost as red as his truck.

"What are you gonna do? Chase me in your big Bleedin' Raspberry. What a demeaning name. Come get me in your big, shiny truck. If you can find it." Howie was usually the master of lame comebacks. "But, actually I'd suggest that we turn back into 'Normal' Nick, Brian and Howie before Aaron comes back with someone of authority."

In a quick flash the guys were back.

"Lets play basketball so they don't suspect anything." Nick said. A couple minutes later Aaron came running out dragging Kevin and A.J.

"See!-Hey where'd they go. I swear they were here. They had little necklaces and that turned them into super-heros!" Aaron said sounding frustrated. It looked like he was about to go into a hissy fit, so A.J quickly put in,

"Hey bud, ya wanna go grab some pizza?" Aaron almost instantly smiled.

"But I'm sure I saw them." Aaron protested again.

"Maybe it's a dream." Kevin suggested.

"Okay then, where is my invisible friend who isn't invisible in my dream?" Aaron asked rebeliously. The guys looked puzzled.

"Okay Aaron. Ya know what? We need to talk. All six of us. They sat down on the curb with Aaron in the middle of them. "Okay Aaron. Were...uh...super-heros. Here to defend the planet against evil invaders and such." Nick said with genuine sincerity. Aaron looked disturbed.

"We are not amused." Aaron pointed out.

"Hey, I'll prove it!" Kevin said. He grabbed his amulet which had been tucked under his shirt so you could just see the gold chain. All of a sudden with a bright light there stood Kevin in super-hero format. Aaron's chin was droopier than an elderly woman's breasts.

"Yeah, who's amused now?" Nick said in a na-na-na-boo-boo kind of way. Aaron, being a six year old, was so excited he could barely contain himself.

"Way cool! Can I try? What heroic things have you done?" the boys were hammered with questions. Before they could answer the almighty Dough Boy walked out. Kevin tried to cover himself. The boys knew they had been revealed.

"It's okay fella's! You think Mulder didn't tell me about the amulets?" the boys were so enjoyed they didn't say a word. "Oh boys we need to audition tonight for a record deal." the almighty Dough Boy proclaimed.

"Wha-what record deal?" Howie asked as "Super-hero Kevin" turned back into "Normal Kevin."

"Hives Records. Boys, this could be it!" the almighty Dough Boy said excitedly.

"Yeah!" the boys said altogether while exchanging high fives within themselves. The almighty Dough Boy glanced at his watch.

"Oh, darn. I have to go make some phone calls. Feel free to use my mini-theater, pool, jaccuzzi, etc, etc...okay?" The almighty Dough Boy went into his pocket and pulled out a half eaten doughnut, shoved it into his mouth and walked away.

"Aaron, we have to go rehearse so go watch t.v. or something." Nick said relieved that he didn't have to watch his little brother anymore.

"But I wanna stay with you guys!" Aaron whined like a true six year old.

* * *

Two hours later Aaron was sitting on the floor of the rec-room bobbing his head. To a new song this Swedish guy had written for them. It was called "We've got it goin' on". Aaron thought that it was stupid but it had a nice beat to it.

"We've got it goin' on!" The guys all finished the song in unison.

"We're we good?" Howie asked.

"Nick sucked!" Aaron said. Then pretended to sing in an in-humanly high voice.

"If it's so funny why don't you try?" Nick challenged.

"Okay." Aaron said defiantly. Then sang the "Purple People Eater". At the end The boys' chins were dropping. Mulder walked in.

"Guys, time to go."

They all piled into a black strech limosine.

"Uh...can you stop at my house?" Aaron asked.

"Sure thing, slick!" the bus driver replied exubriantly.

The boys all had equaly puzzled looks on there faces. The almighty Dough Boy just shrugged his shoulders.

When they got to the restaurant the waiter led them to a table with two men in black tuxes. One had dark black hair slicked back, the other was bald.

"Hi, I'm-" the almighty Dough Boy was cut off by the black haired man.

"We'd rather skip the pleasentries and get down to buisness. We are representatives for Hives Records. What is your artists name." He had a New York accent. Nick and Brian smirked tring to control their laughter. Kevin kicked them under the table, hard. Suddenly, their faces went sullen.

"Our name is the Backstreet Boys." Howie said.

"Who is the lead singer of 'The Backstreet Boys'?" the bald guy asked. He had an Australian accent.

"We don't have a lead singer." A.J. stated.

"Okay..." the dark haired man said writing on a clip board. "Let's hear you sing."

"One...Two...Three" A.J. started, then they sang. They sang like their young lives depended on it, for it was their meal ticket to success.

"You're in. We'll mail you the details." the dark haired man said. Then they got up and left. With a mere Good'ay, mate from the bald aussie.


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