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Dear Diary,

31th Day of Hiding, Y4- Alright! I met the cutest guy! He rocks. His name is Hiabavalo. Apparently, my owner knows his owner. Erg! Anyway, he gave me his number! (Score) Well, luckily Araigwyn is finally getting out of the woods and the house and coming to clubs and meeting people. This dude, Thunder_Scrunchie, I would totally claim him for myself.. but I had to help my little sister out!. Anyway, I can't wait for my birthday. Crooks, Cebdonia and I were all born on November 13, Y3. So Silverwed spreads them out. Technically, I was born first, so I get November 13. Cebdonia gets November 14, and Crooks gets November 15.
Got2 go call that guy, 


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Sparkletangerine is my very beautiful Angelpus. She is sooo cute. I got her for Christmas. I had been begging Silverwed for one for ever. In my opinion Angelpus's are the best kind of Petpet. Well, compared to my sibling's pets. Like, Sanders is stupid.... Very stupid. And Zoe is... Spastic, and then there's Weekender... Oh Weekender... That thing is sooooo weird. It's totally messed up.


Hey! Check out my chat room! It's where I host my parties. (And I'll cry if I want to!) Well, anyway, it's got a pool, hot tub, drinks, food, dance floor, etc. Have fun.... I'll post when I hold my parties on the Neopets chat. I can't wait!!

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Also, everyone elses pages aren't finished yet. I'm the only one who finished theirs. HAHA. I'm more famous then them now!