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I think Thunder_Scrunchie likes me... Am I becoming to much like Floryyne... Would I really look better with a Faerie Paintbrush?

31st of Hiding, Y4
Dear Mrs.Routabega,

Today was kind of weird. That uni called me. He told me that I would look  awesome as a faerie ixi. Is that a complement. I hope I'm never painted. The Ixi Mother made me red, therefore, I hope I stay red. Besides, if I was painted, it would just be paint. It wouldn't be the real me. Well, I actually don't know. I guess I might get painted, depending on what colour. I wonder... Maybe, if they come out with a Medieval Paint Brush. Or maybe an nice Island look would be good for me. You think Thunder_Scrunchie would like it?
Well, I gotta go,

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Sanders is a really awesome Warf. Sure, he chews through my socks... And anything else that happens to be lying on the floor... But anyway, I was just so peachy to be making a website, that I decided to dedicate a section to my slobbery little Warf.
Well, here's to you buddy!


Keep coming back! I need these hits... I'm in a secret contest with Crooks to see who can gather the most hits!