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Dear Log,

31th Day of Hiding, Y4- I read the most interesting book. It's called Bad Apples. I recomend it. Anyway, I'm really angry whoever made books dissapear into thin air. I used to read a book and then sell it to pass on the knowledge. And for low prices. Nowadays, books are several thousand np and are to expensive for me to read. That really bugs me. I mean, sure I'm very clever, but it is very unlikely that I will ever get smarter. I mean, little Araigwyn is so uneducated. I believe that Neopets should be able to have affordable education at their disposal. Like in the old days. And Floryyne has read only one book. Same with Crookshaynks. Araigwyn, poor youngster, has read none.
Well, I'm off,

Please, if you missed any days, you can look at the archives!

Zoe the Meekins

Zoe is a very intelligent animal. She can shake, sit, lay down, roll over and use a toilet. I taught her everything myself. Right now I'm taking her to Meekins training group sessions. Just so she will be happy in body and in health. I really think she is brilliant.



I hope I can collect hits aswell as I collect books!

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