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My Neopets Site
About Me

As an active Neopian, I have daily routines and I am the leader of my own guild. I have many friends here in Neopia and even some family.

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I have a guild based on the book The Mists of Avalon. A book about King Arthurs sister Morgaine. She was a powerful priestess of Avalon. I just wanted to sort of recreate the Isle of Avalon in Neopia. Just for fun. The Isle of Ixi Avalon awaits.

My Daily Routine

1. Get 200 Np from the bank.
2.Visit Faerieland. (Healing Springs and Wheel of Excitement)
3.Visit Mystery Island. (Tambola, Haiku Generator, Island Mystic)
4. Visit the Lost Desert (Fruit Machine, Coltzan's Shrine)
5. Meridell (Potato Counter)
6. Last but not least, I visit Tyrannia (Giant Omelette)