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  28th Day of Hiding, Y4- Hey,  I guess I have to write this diary thing. Well, because it's going to be on the Internet I just have one thing to say: TO MY FUTURE DREAM GUY! PLEASE, I NEED YOU! I'M SO BORED! Ha ha, well, I hope I meet my future dream guy at this really cool club I found yesterday. It's called Club Cupcake Uni. Araigwyn came to meet me there because she couldn't get a hold of me on my cell and Silverwed wanted me to pick up some groceries. I think Araigwyn, Miss. Anti-Social, met someone... And at club Cupcake! It was some Uni name Thunder_Scrunchie. Haha, I know him. His owner's name is like cutie_girl or something. He is pretty cute, but I can't believe Araigwyn likes him!


If you miss I day, you can check here for something! I'll try to update daily.