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28th of Hiding, Y4-
Memo To Self Don't use vaccuum cleaner while Sanders is in the house. Or Weekender for that matter.

Dear Mrs.Routabega,
Okay, instead of putting dear diary, I decided that Mrs.Routabega was more interesting.
Anyhoo, I met someone today... Strangely. He was this uni named Thunder_Scrunchie. Does that name make sense to you? Why do people name their pets things like, small_aisha123 and well, Thunder_Scrunchie. I mean why can't pets have normal names like... Mine! Araigwyn is a perfectly normal name. Billy and John are also very normal names. Well, I got to go.

Silverwed has a guild. You should check it out.
The Isle of Ixi Avalon is a truely uniquie guild. Maybe you could join it.

Blah Blah Blah.