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My Own Drummer
The Great Tambourine

What is the Great Tambourine. Well, it was inspired by someone in my guestbook who asked who said I marched to my own drummer. And I though about and said: "You know what.... Several people...But I think I'm more likely to march to my own tambourine. A great tambourine.

Here are some Great Tambourine sites:

The Land Of Cheese

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S Project

BOb's Invisibull Fruit Page

Stinky Meat

Journal of the King's Royal Food Taster

Bunny Survival Tests

The Bunnies Strike Back

Area 51 (Not recommended for children under 12)


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Do you want Nick Carter to answer your phone? Thanks to Cosmo Girl, now he can! Click below to download the sound pic. Also, don't forget to visit him at

Get your recorder ready!

Disclaimer: The Great Tambourine and all it's affiliates are strictly belonging to the Great Amanda. The Great Tambourine may be followed with the Great Thresher, the Great Kini-Monster and the Great Oz Great Jordan.

The Prank Idea Book:
Well, I don't need grad ideas anymore. Therefore, the Great Grad Book is now the Perfect Prank Book. Enter your pranks and tell me about your past pranking experience. Don't be afraid of using the whole 500 characters and then continuing on a new message.