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My Pets

I have three cats and two dogs. They shed a lot and I hope they don't shed all over this page.


Taz has run away or been eaten. He's been missing for weeks. I made this memorium page for him. Please... Look at it and remember....Click here and remember...

Sandy is my 3 year old golden retriever. He is just a pain. But I love him anyway. He has so many bad habits I couldn't name them all. Recently he lost his favourite toy (the Kong) in our pond. He decided to go in for a drink and lost it in there. We bought him a new one but he doesn't really like it. It was like his soother and now he is really restless. I've been getting minimal sleep. You can visit him in Sandy's Corner

Zoe is my mom's little shi-tzu yapper dog. (She's a half poodle too.) It's evil. I swear!!! It's glaring at me right now!


Jake is my first cat. I got him when I was three. He's ancient. But he's still in good shape. He still hunts just like Taz. Jake is black (mostly grey) and white. He is really protective. He walks me to the bus every morning and meets me after school every afternoon. It's really cool.

Molly isn't mine. She's my sisters. She is the stupidest of them all. I  think that she may be schitzophrenic. Oh well, they can't all be perfect. She is Taz's sister and we got them at the same time. Christmas 2 years ago. Anyhoo, she likes hunting and stuff. She has a really weird meow though. I'll try to record it and put on the sight. (She may be frightened of me chasing her around with a recorder though.)

Okay, so Copper is my Grampa's dog. She spends a lot of time at our house though. She is a Basset Hound. Or for all your canine iliterate people out there... A hush puppy. She drools and sheds. But she's a part of the family. Copper and She Who Shall Not Be Named (AKA Zoe) are best friends. Luckily, She Who Shall Not Be Named has not brain washed Copper. (It's only a matter of time...)