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My Own Drummer
Try Your Hand At This!

This month on Contest: HOTTEST OF THE HOT!
We're putting a hell of a lot of cutie on one page to duke it out. Who will win? We don't know?

Contestant #1
Contestant #1
This is Mystic Football Guy. I got him from Meghan and we just can't find his origins!!

Contestant #3
You may know Kevin Zegers from Air Bud or more recently the Titans... That says a lot!

Contestant #5
Ryan Gosling was Young Hercules and also I phsychotic teenager genious/murderer. Very hot!

This is Josh. I got his from RPStudios. His a bartender who likes volleyball and working out.

To tell me who YOU think is the hottest of the hot, do email me and voice your opinion!

Contestant #2
Contestant #2 stars in ads for Abercrombie & Fitch. He was a good choice.

Contestant #4
This is Teej. He's a model at RPStudios. He likes picture framing, dancing and working out.

Contestant #6
Matt Keeslar is most recently known for his work in Rose Red. Mmmm... Scaryness...

Contestant #8
Jesse Spencer is a Neighbours boy. Russel Crowe was once a Neighbours kid!

I want to make a special thank you to Meghan. She is the greatest hot guy finder helper. THANK YOU MEGHAN! Your efforts have not gone underapreciated