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My Own Drummer
The Boggling Amanda Quiz

Test your knowledge in the world of Amanda... Please, don't anger the gods.

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Amanda's eyes are varying in colour. What two colours do they waver between?
Blue and green
Blue and grey
Brown and green

Amanda has a deep, dark secret. She had a strange obsession with one paticular boyband. (Ahem... I'm sure she's not still obsessed.) What popular boyband was it?
Backstreet Boys

Upon entering highschool, Amanda obtained the nickname B.G. What do the initials stand for?
Baby Girl...Because she hangs out with people who are all much older.
Bad Gazelle.... Because she rocks at dancing!
Blonde Goth.... Because she is a total blonde and a total goth!

Amanda has had lots of nasty accidents... For these accidents she now see's (quite frequently):
Massage guy named Juan....mmm

Amanda will feel calm in any situation if the following person is in the room with her...
Agent Mulder
Lara Croft
Hannibal Lector

What song is on the MyOwnDrummer Diary page?
Walk this way
Theme song from Happy Days
Theme song from Romeo and Juliet

What is Amanda's trademark at parties?
To show up in something completely different and original every time.
To be drunk out of her mind every time.
To sit in a corner and not talk to anyone the whole time.

Finish this song.... Lalalalalala:
Elmo's World
Free World
Amanda's World

If Amanda could have one wish, what would it be?
World Domination!!!
For every disease known to man be cured.
An unending bucket of chicken.

Amanda is trying to keep fit...Why?
For when the aliens attack.
To kick butt.
Training for WWE.

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