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My Own Drummer
My Boys

I Can't Keep Any Real Guys. So I Keep These Ones!


Guy Pearce. He's been a drag queen, a cowboy, an evil puffy-shirt guy and a guy with no memory. Not to mention he is beautiful! Power to Felicia!


Brad Pitt.... I like peanut butter too. See we have things in common. That would just be a sad twist of fate. Me and Brad Pitt. Ha... Death and Death... Walking hand in hand.


Agent Mulder. I just want you to know that I consider you to be a genious. I'd go anywhere with you man! (So if your heading to some cool place soon... I'd accept any invitations.)


Jac-Leonardo DiCaprio. You will always have a place in my heart and my heart will go on.


This is Mystical Football Guy. Mmmm... So smalltown america.... Mmmmm...


Jay and Silent Bob! STONER POWER! I love Jay and Silent Bob. I really want to thank them for saving the world in Dogma!


Matt Damon! You are really hot and a good actor. Yeah, but really, you shouldn't hail down fire and brimestone on the puny humans. Honestly!


This is my favourite Calvin Kline model! His name is Travis Fimmel.  He's an underwear model.... A VERY good one!

The Shape of My Heart