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My Own Drummer
My Own Drummer Quiz

The first MyOwnDrummer quiz.
Please, only select one box or you will anger the gods.

Your full name:

Your email address: (e.g.:

What is your reaction to Sandy deMandigoworthward
He'd look great in leather!

What person on this site are you most likely to stalk?

If a radish was placed in front of you right now, how would you react?
How did this radish come to be placed in front of me?
Eat the radish.
Glare at it and then smash it to smitherines with the closest blunt object.

It's 10:37 PM. What is your current situation?
Out. If not back by 5 pm tomorrow, probably should call police. Love, ________
Doing homework.

Look at your hands right now. What are you thinking about them?
I need to do my nails.
I'm so lucky to have opposable thumbs.
Should I have eaten that radish???

Choose your own idol...
Bill Gates
Harry Potter

Dr. Hannibal Lecter... What's he to you?
A sick, evil, wacko, criminal. Shudder.
I haven't seen the movies.
A genious! A pure and utter genious!

Let's settle this now- Once and for all!
Will & Grace
Dharma & Greg
Beauty & The Beast

If you could be anyone for a day would you'd be...
Someone with super powers!
Someone with power!
Someone with a Swiss bank account!

The greatest book ever written was....
a Stephen King novel
a J.K. Rowling novel
The Thesaurus

At the prospect of children you...
Smile sweetly
Get out a leash

Amanda. She is the webmaster. Your views...
I know all about her... I'm watching her right now...
She's nice... And funny.... She goes to the same highschool as me.
Why yes... She's nice but, not like I'd stalk her or anything.

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