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My Own Drummer
The Obsession That Is Neopets....

Yes... It's my weak spot... Small fuzzy... Cyber animals... I CAN'T HELP  IT!!!!!

Have you ever been to Neopets? No... Oh you have a life. Anyway, it's an awesome interent community-Nay-World! You can have up to four pets and you have to take care of them. They have millions of different items, many different species of pets, and lot's of games and things you can do with your pet. It's VERY addictive. But so great. You should really visit it.

I have ahem... Four pets... They are the cutest ever! Anyway, I'm into the shops and guilds and stuff. In fact. I have my own guild. It's, what'dya know! My Own Drummer the Neopets Guild! Yeah! I know! Doesn't it rock. Pretty soon I'll have a guild site up and running. On this is site I'm going to have some cute copy and paste stuff for your neopets shop or your pets page. Yeah... Cool...

Add this ring to your shop...
The One Ring
1 in stock
Cost : Your Free Will

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