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My Own Drummer
Sandy's Diary

Delve into my past...

September 28, 2002:
Dear log,
After a fierce battle against my archenimy, Molly, I sadly was not victorious. Her brain power vastly surpasses my own. She thinks at the speed of...Whoa....
My nose now bears battle scars. Visible evidence of her pernicious ways! I felt the need to communicate the truth to Amanda.
The only time I really have her all by herself is in the Squishy Block Room. She turns off the Glow Ball. I told her all about the ominous Molly and her plot to take over the Cube. Apparently she thought strongly on this situation. She used my code name, Badog, and responded in a rather perplexed manner. She even locked me in the Metal Cave for my own safety. She's still safe though, as long as Molly doesn't know she knows.
Love, Sandy 
September 27, 2002:
Dear log,
Today I looked fear in the eye with a calm heart. The criminal mastermind and I saw each other while on the way to leave the Cube. Her name is Molly. She scratched me on the nose and I ran away. Molly and I have been secretly dueling for several . . . A long time. She always seems to prevail. She has secret cat powers. And for all the human's superior intelligence, they simply cannot see the pure and utter evil in her. I suspect that it might be something in her food. This is why I decided to infiltrate the room that can only be referred to by the humans as "The Laundry Room" They keep they're stash in there....The cats I mean. I devoured a whole bowl full before I uncovered the shocking truth. They're bowlfull is only half-a-bowl-full! I eat a whole half a bowl full more than the cats! It must be a part of their powers. They eat only half a bowl full, therefore reducing their size to the point of minuteness so that they can gracefully escape any trap devised by myself!
I am a genus...G...E...N...-Wait... G...E...N...O...U...S...-No really! I'll get it! G...E...N...I...O...U....S.... THANK YOU WEBSTER!
Also, I threw up on an antique rug today. Why, because I cleaned the sheets in Amanda's bed already and I want her to be super happy when she gets home tonight!
Love, Sandy  

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