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My Own Drummer
Sandy's Corner

Enter the complicated life of a golden retriever named Sandy. Also known as Amanda's Best Friend. (Jordan goes into a corner and sulks.)


I am Sandy. I like frogs... Sorry, I am easily thrown off top... What?... Ah yes, the amazing expanse of time that is my life. You know Amanda. I'm sure she has told you all about my interesting personality.... Sorry, frogs?
Anyway, this is the quite outstanding confessions of a Golden Retriever known simply as Sandy. (Full Name is Sir. Sanders deMandingoworthward) 

Full Name: Sir Sanders deMandingoworthward
Um...Not Full Name: Sandy
Shorter Names: Buddy, Stupid, Badog, Goodeboya
Age in Human Years: 2 and 3/4
Age in Dog Years:(Carry the four...)14..ish
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Blonde...Naturally
Best Feature: My tail, it's so beautiful... Must...Catch...Tail...Moving...So... Fast...Feeling...Dizzy....
Best Friend: Amanda
Significant Other: Well, I'm hoping to graduate from inanimate objects soon.
Must Have Crush: Oh, to speak her name fills my...heart... with such feelings.... Oh Zoe! Whenever will you notice me! I SNIFFED YOUR BUTT AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN CALL! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME!

September 28, 2002:
Dear log,
After a fierce battle against my archenimy, Molly, I sadly was not victorious. Her brain power vastly surpasses my own. She thinks at the speed of...Whoa....
My nose now bears battle scars. Visible evidence of her pernicious ways! I felt the need to communicate the truth to Amanda.
The only time I really have her all by herself is in the Squishy Block Room. She turns off the Glow Ball. I told her all about the ominous Molly and her plot to take over the Cube. Apparently she thought strongly on this situation. She used my code name, Badog, and responded in a rather perplexed manner. She even locked me in the Metal Cave for my own safety. She's still safe though, as long as Molly doesn't know she knows.
Love, Sandy 

Pretty Fly For A Dumb Guy