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My Own Drummer
In Loving Memory Of Taz

Goodbye Taz! We'll miss you.

Taz is (maybe was) a little black and white kitten. Almost three. He was last seen in the woods by my house. Unfortunatley, he hasn't been seen scince. We have made all efforts to find him. We made flyers and put them in peoples mailboxes. We went door to door searching for him. We investigated old barns and abandoned places where a cat might like to hide. We found lots of cats, kittens and rodents, but no Taz.

So Taz, I have made this page in memory to you. My little kitten. If you have been taken by a superior race and are surfing this site with your new and "improved" kitty brain, then please, come home. Your sister Jake, and all of us are wating for you.

This song is dedicated to Taz.