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My Own Drummer

100% Original!! Home Grown. Half-Baked!

"Oh look! It found a snack!" - Amanda with Trish at Canada's Wonderland
"Resistance is futile." -Amanda 1st day of school
"...And the Great Lord smiled down upon Earth and said: Let there be jello...The green kind..." -The  Book of Amanda
"This is my friend...Norman..." -Amanda says while eyes glaze over and head tilts to one side. Puts her arm around invisible person.
Amanda to Camera Man: Will you put me on TV?
Camera Man: Sure
Amanda: Hellllllllloooooooooo Canada....
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Baracouda!" - Amanda...Ask Jordan and Taryn about it
Amanda to the member of a boyband she just happened to pass by at Canada's Wonderland: Shaggy is SOOOO totally better than Scooby Doo!
"Look what I learned at wrestling camp!" BOOM! CRASH! "Oh gee, sorry." -FicAmanda
"The day I found out i wasn't rabified [rabid]." -Upon being asked the happiest day of her life.
(Grinning)"I have bits of hay in obscene places." -After hauling hay
(Excitedly)"Oh Jordan! I hope Robin throws me his tights....(Dissapointed)Oh...It's not that kind of show..." -(In line-up for Batman: Thrill Spectacular @SixFlags Darien Lake)
"Dr. Lecter isn't evil or sick... He's just misunderstood... I'd be his friend! I just wouldn't go to his house for dinner. Ray Liotta was rude-He deserved to eat his own brain!"-Amanda
"Know what would really suck... If Godzilla stepped on us right now!"-Amanda

"Amanda, what is it with you and machetees?" -Dad
"I cut myself on the cheese grater!!" -Dad
"AHHH! I'm bleeding!! Oh never mind-It's just jam." -Dad
(Spastically) "Maybe you should wear a face mask in the barn-No wait! Maybe that will interfere with your breathing-You weren't in the hayloft were you!-There were pigeons????!!!-Those things carry diseases you know!-And you were riding on a lawn tractor!-On the back-On a wagon!-Most farm accidents occur when kids are playing with farm equipment!" -Ugh...Dad...
"You met a guy?! Amanda-Whoa! If that's what he looks like! Bring'em home!" -Mom
"Well, I'm off to the Vagina Monologues!" - Mom
"Here, grab this and take it downstairs! But first can you make juice- And feed the dog- And..." -Ugh...Mom...
"Lions and Tigers and Bears-OH MY!" -Annie watching the discovery channel: Homosexuality in the Animal Kingdom
"Your a piglet...who burps loudly...and make people laugh..." -Auntie Pam's facinating analysis of myself.

Reporter: "Mr. President, if you were any tree, what tree would you be?"
Bush: "I'm not a tree... I'm a Bush!"
"You mean, like, a book?" -Justin Timberlake being asked if he had read anything interesting lately. 
"I said breeches! Not briches!" -Jordan
"Attention! Bingo night has been changed from 3:00PM to 1:00PM!" -Jordan
"Hey! You think Hannibal's home?" -Allie
"Sure it's safe! I do this all the time!"Loud crash "Ahhhhh!" -Jordan
"WANNA WRASTLE!!" -Sandy via telepathic methods
"Ima HAAAAAMMMMMSTTTERRRR!!!!" Emily, non-fic.
"I TOUCHED A LLAMA! I TOUCHED A LLAMA!" - The asmatic child from the motion picture Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
"Hey look! Martians! No really! They really landed this time! I told you! The Martains have landed!"  -A person at a themepark who kept saying this and pointing to us.
"Welcome to Earth." -A guy running a ride at the same themepark. What can I say...We were wearing attenaes.
Amanda: "What are we going to buy with all our points?"
Jordan: "Fake teeth!"  -Jordan and Amanda in the arcade.
"Oh Amanda! We totally have to wear our Deedly Boppers!" -Jordan discribing our wardrobe on my 1st day of highschool.
"I call everyonw 'Darling' because I can't remember their names!"- Zsa Zsa Gabor
"The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder." - Alfred Hitchcock