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My Own Drummer

Diary/Archival Records

Wednesday, February 19, 2003- I got a migraine right before the semi-formal. I went but I can't remember much that happened. My disapointment has been replaced with anxiety. I have filled out the application forms to go to Belgium next year for exchange. I don't know if they'll accept me because my math mark wasn't so good. Maybe they'll overlook that. I hope so.
I'm adding a guestbook on the quotes page so you can add your own quote ideas and I will add them to the page at my discretion. Lotsa homework, gotta go!
Toodles, Amanda
Tuesday, February 11, 2003- With three days until semi-formal, I have to start looking for a date. I thought that I was going with a group of friends but they've all opted not to go, so I am alone. I will just find somebody quickly. Too bad I'm so damn picky.
Toodles, Amanda
Friday, January 31, 2003- Today Mom and Dad are leaving for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Yeah, them and whole bunch of other old people are going. I think it's similar to the "Florida Flocking."
I've been sick plus I've had some technical difficulties... Which you would already know by now if you were on my mailing list!
Well, I'm going to be staying in town for a week or so while my parents are away so I don't know when I'll be able to update. I'll try to update as often as possible though.
Toodles, Amanda
Tuesday, January 7, 2002- I took the holidays off if you don't mind. The party went well. I'm just getting over the stomach flu. I did, however, quite enjoy myself up north. I stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. It's beautiful.  I wasn't allowed in most of the restaraunts there (on account of the piercings and stuff) so we ended up eating in the Lounge. It was pretty good actually. No matter where we went, I was always at the bottom of the nervousness among security guards and aristocrats alike.  I don't know why.... Maybe it was the hat that said: "Satan *heart*'s you!" It was great.
Also, I used to love Chicken Alfredo.... Now I will never be able to eat it again. I was feeling rather sick (before the flu) and my mother forced me to go to dinner. Unfortunately, I ate an entire platter of chicken alfredo... That night my stomach flu symptoms  kicked in. Throwing up is never a pleasant experience and coughing up long noodles at the same time does not add enjoyment to the situation.
Feeling sick just thinking about it,
Thursday, December 19, 2002- The party is tomorrow night! I can't wait! I wonder what will happen. The last time I had a party, I ended up with almost 40 kids passed out in my basement. Oops. I hope the cops don't show up this time! (Joking.) lalalalala. Well, I'm in social bliss so I will talk to you later. Bye.
TOodles, Amanda
Monday, December 16, 2002- Just another manic monday. So tired. I didn't feel well today. Well, except I went to the chiropractor's and now I feel better. I wish I could buy a chiroproactor to live with me. Whenever I felt pain I would just be like: "Here, crack this for me." It would be great. Today I witnessed two people fighting over weither a candy cane is shaped like a J or not. The first party said yes. Indeed it does look like a J. But the second party said that it can't be a J if it doesn't have the line on the top. They were actually arguing over this. It was hilarious. I sat back and laughed. Haha. It was funny.
Well, I'm really busy. Toodles,
Sunday, December 15, 2002- I'm so mad! They cancelled the dance, like, an hour or so in advance. I was all dolled up and nowhere to go! So, Alysson led me around Picton on a leash for awhile. Then we went home and did nothing. No wait. I fell asleep watching Drop Dead Gorgeous. Apparently I'm really hard to wake up. And I didn't snore or anything. I'm so proud. But mad at the same time. I'm just worried that they're going to reschedule the dance to next Friday. The Friday of my party. Wait! I know why the dance was cancelled. It was Friday the 13th!! How ominous! Send me your conspiracy theories!
Toodles, Amanda
Wednesday, December 11, 2002- Hey, I'm working on my outfit for the X.Mas dance this Friday at P.E.C.I. (my highschool) so I can't chat for long. I can say though, that I have done something very wrong... And bad... I have not had time to put up my friend's (Rachel) birthday present. Her own action figure. Happy Birthday dude!!
Rachel B. Turned 14: Dec 2nd, 2002
Rachel, you should be Roxy's spokesperson!
Monday, December 9, 2002- Hey guys! I've had a busy couple of weeks, and Tripod's been incredibly slow. Sorry. Anyway, I'm back and I'm about to make another test for MyOwnDrummer. It's going to have a general theme but I'm not about to tell you yet! You'll have to stick around and wait it out.
Toodles, Amanda
Saturday, November 30, 2002- LALALALALA! I'm going into town tomorrow. YAY! Well, I've had a crappy week. Really! I was sick and stuff. Well, I have company right now so I have to go but I will let you go.
Goodbye, Amanda
Wednesday, November 27, 2002- I've been home sick all week. That is yucky. And I'm not allowed to go anywhere this weekend. That stinks! It's because I need to "slow down". It's not a punishment or anything. It's just that this is the second time I've had bronchitis since school started.  They think that keeping me at home will protect me from getting a cold. That is so annoying. I'll probably end up at home, depressed, and playing on Neopets. ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!!! How horrible. I can't even go to a movie!
Also, is it sad that on Halloween, Taylor Hanson had a son. A baby, he's 19. His wife is 18. Hmmm... I'm sure that they got married because they really, really, loved eachother. Haha. If you want to read more, (do you?? really??) then go to the MTV site. They seem to know a lot.
Toodles, Amanda
Sunday, November 24, 2002- One of the things that make me "cool" is that I try not to follow the crowd. (I lead it!) And I would be crucified if I showed up tonight with normal clothes on. Therefore I took it upon myself to craete the most unique outfit. Filing through my drawers and closets, I realised that I needed a pair of pants that nobody else could have. In short, normal pants. So, now I had to create pants. I dug through the pile in the bottom of my closet where I store ruined clothes and found just the gem. A pair of stained, ripped, shredded, smelly jeans. I washed them (with underwear so they would fade more) and then I got an old t-shirt and some safety pins. Then I sat down and started shredding the t-shirt into long strips. The result was a couple chunks of fabric, (which I covered with interesting designs) and several long strips which looked somewhat like strings. I attached the four strips to the front and four to the back. (Two on every side.) Then I attached two designs right under each butt cheek! I also attached two designs to each knee cap. Because I despise sewing, I did it all with safety pins. Now I have... Uber-Jeans! Nobody's home right now so nobody has seen them yet. I can't wait though. And the great thing is, for the next party that comes around, I can just remove all the safety pins and start again. Now, I have to go create a shirt... Of some sort.
Toodles, Amanda

Saturday, November 23, 2002- It snowed a little bit. It was only a little bit, but it stayed. Last night Jordan and I and another friend were going to go to Harry Potter again but we fell asleep watching the movie Spirit and missed it. So we just hung out downtown. I'm going to dinner tonight and tomorrow I'm probably going to be in town again. I had no homework this weekend so I took advantage of it. I have no intentions of staying in this dismal patch of land that is so far away from humanity it is considered to be dismal.
I'm having a horrible time typing right now becuase the dog is barking and trying to get me to pet him.
Well, I guess I better go!
Don't forget to sign my guestbook and adopt an action figure.
Thursday, November 21, 2002- The snow is gone! GONE! There were mountains of it now it's almost plus 10! I can't believe it. Well, I'm going to have a busy weekend... Like normal. Tomorrow is a non-instructional day. I'm going to pick out a border for the Dungeon.(AKA My new bedroom.) Anyhoo, after that I'm meeting up with Jordan and maybe a couple other friends. Then go to a movie and sleep over. Then Saterday, around noon, I'm going to my math tutor and then to Grampa Zaban's for dinner. THen, maybe back into town to stay... At Jordan's (big surprise there). Then on Sunday, I'm going to a Sweet 16 party. Busy! Busy! Busy!
I added the Boys part and the Action Figures earlier this week for anyone who cared to notice. Sorry I haven't been updating Sandy's Corner. I've been terribly busy.
On the Action Figure front, if you want to request a doll, email me or (if your a friend,) call me or talk to me. I'll give you a html code and everything!
Toodles, Amanda
Sunday, November 17, 2002- Finally! It's snowing! I'm really happy. Well, accept the fact that I'm snowed in and therefore can't get into town to hang out with my friend. That really sucks. Yeah.... Anyway, I just got the "My Boys" part of the site up and I may add more later. If you want to request anyone to be up on the "My Boys" section just send me an email.
Guess what!  I'm going to put up a MyOwnDrummerDollz section. It's going to have some dollz of me and the rest of the gang. You can bring these dollz into your homes... And advertise for me at the same time! Thanks a bunch, I can't wait!
Toodles, Amanda
Thursday, November 14, 2002- Yes, I realize it's been a few days, I just got this new XP so hopefully I'll be able to update and do stuff more often. This computer is awesome! I'd suggest it to anyone. There is no pretty much, no waiting. Anyhoo, i have lotsa homework so I'll try to update later.
Good bye, Amanda
Wednesday, October 30, 2002- Hey! Tonight is Devil's night. I totally had no idea until my friend told me. My dad is currently making me a noose.... For my Halloween costume. Yeah, don't ask. Anyhoo, today when I was walking to the gym from the chiropractor, I twisted my ankle on the curb of the sidewalk. It was very painful but it doesn't hurt so bad anymore. Mom is at Janet's setting up for tomorrow night. Which reminds me,
Tomorrow, first period, I have to find Mr.Holmes and Gothify him. It'll be great! Black lipstick and everything! I can't believe he's letting me! I'm going to wear my "Spear Britney/Evil Laughter" shirt. Hopefully, I'll get some good pictures.
I just spent, like, an hour, changing the text format in the diary. Now the newer entries are first. You people better enjoy it!
Toodles, Amanda Tuesday, October 29, 2002- Hello everyone. Yes, I know it's been ten days since my last entry, but I've had a very very hectic week that involved getting chased with by a guy with a chain saw in a corn field at night. It was very scary. I also broke up with Josh. It was just time. What can I say... I'm fickle. Oh well, you see my philosophy is that in highschool you are supposed to meet lot's of people and make lot's of friends. How can you meet more people and make new "friends" if you're devoting all your time to some significant other who is really only significant for like a month or two and then you get bored and they become less significant. Well, mother and father aren't too pleased seeing as I'm associating myself with many other "older, male" students... They did the whole "it's not that we don't trust you... We don't trust them" Yeah well, reality check, some guy tries to make a pass at me he will get a hard knock in the balls with the toe of my boot. So HAA!!!

Anyway, Friday I went to a highschool dance. Way fun!!! I got the nickname B.G. (blonde goth) Oh yeah, I'm slightly goth now! Then I slept over at my dear friend Alysson's. Then on Sunday, Aly and I went to a bonfire to celebrate her friends sweet 16. It was fun. I invented a sport. It's called "spooling". You know those giant spools that people wrap chord and cable on? Well, you just run on those like a giant hamster. (SO FUN) Then on Sunday I went to this giant corn maze north of Bellville and got chased by guys hiding in corn. (Very Scary!) At one point, Annie dropped her flashlight and ran like hell. It was SOOOO funny. Well, I have to go now.

Toodles, Amanda (B.G. out!)

Friday, October 18, 2002- Hey, sorry all. This has been a busy week. I went to the bone crackers/chiropractors twice this week. My back is still killing me. There may be something wrong with the bottom of my spine or I have a "disc" problem. Well, let's not worry you about that. I have funny things to tell you. My sister and her friend rented the movie 13 Ghosts. I know that it's been scaring them because I could hear them talking through the vent. I also kind of new what would scare them. So I decided to play a little joke.

You see, they left the lights on because they are wimps. But to turn the light on or off, they have to go around a corner. Right beside the lightswitch is a room. (Soon to be my room.) I silently went down the stairs and turned off the lights. Then I hid in the room... Lurking in the shadows. They, being scared, actually stopped the movie and came to turn the lights back on. When they rounded the corner and reached for the light switch, I jumped out and made loud growling sounds. They screamed SO loud! It was hilarious!!!!! My mom was watching t.v. upstairs and she heard it.OMG, I laughed SO hard. They screamed for a long time too! I did it to get back at my little sister I guess. For being so annoying.

Also, I saw this movie called Murder By Numbers. My God! Ryan Gosling is SO HOTTT!!!!!! Like, totally egg dropping worthy! I've been looking for some good sights on him. I first saw him in young Hercules. Wow, he had muscles for a young guy! I totally drooled! Well, I have to go,

Toodles, Amanda

Saturday, October 12, 2002- Hello and welcome to the boring life of me. My mother is starting to get worried as I am rather pale. I think it is because I sit here in front of this computer until I'm at my wits end to entertain folk like you. I feel a little sick and I jump when I here little noises. I spent forever trying to fix up the Tests page and some other new stuff. (Like my test.) Please, I spent so long on it, please use it.

Toodles, Amanda

Thursday, October 10, 2002- Will this torment they call school never end. I'm starting to think it won't. Oh well, I'll struggle and get through it. Well, I'm kind of not feeling well so I won't be chatting long. If you get bored, start sending comments and suggestions. Sign my guestbook over and over. Copy and paste "the form" into your email and send it to me.... FLALJLK:JDSF I'm BORED!!!

Toodles, Amanda

Tuesday, October 8, 2002- Hey. I have bronchitis. It feels like I'm breathing razor blades. Yeah... Oww... And I have a fever and it makes it hurt to touch my skin. My eyes hurt and everything aches. I haven't seen my Jordan or Josh or my "friends" for days. If they were real friend they'd send me cards and flowers and soup. Except I can't eat soup. It seems that the only thing that isn't painful to swallow is like bread or muffins. As soon as I figured this out, Day to of not eating because it hurts) I ate a whole loaf of bread. Mmmmm... Bread..... Anyway, I couldn't sleep last night so I watched the X-Files. Is it strange that the X-Files soothes me. I thought. Mulder.. he's so brave. And also, this past weekend, I saw the Silence of the Lambs and Hannibil. Okay, Hannibil is a nice guy. I really nice guy. I think Ray Liotta deserved to eat his own brain. And I thought that it was a very friendly gesture to sew up Clarice and buy her a new dress. He even invited her for dinner. I would be Hannibil's friend. He's just missunderstood. And scary wise, I've seen scarier X-Files. Mmmm...Bread. That reminds me. When I was really hungry and I couldn't eat I started sucking on things... Like spoons and marshmellow squares. The taste was what I needed. But now that I have bread, life is earier.

Toodles, Amanda

P.S. If you want to link to me, I have a little site (on expage) with an archive of some of the sites I've made, it's called Amanda Unleashed <>. You can click on the MyOwnDrummerLogo and get the HTML code.

Saturday, October 5, 2002- Hey alll. It's been a busy week, sorry I didn't update sooner. Anyhoo, my birthday was fun. Guess what. Jordan has decided to build a website. If in fact, you choose to visit that site is up to you. Here's the url and I'll put in on her page too. <>

Seeing as she doesn't have a lot of access to the internet usually, I'm sure it'll be a blast.

Well, my aunt had a baby. He's really cute. My mom want's to go to B.C. and visit them now. Dad is trying to talk it out of her. I kinda want to stay home for Christmas and New Years. I want to hang out with my friends. This is the first time I have ever had friends and I want to enjoy it. Of course this means I'm "being selfish." No it doesn't!!!! Because they can leave!!! I'll just stay home alone for... That whole time! It'll be great!!! YEAH!!!! Now, how to talk it into the folks....

Toodles, Amanda

Friday, September 27, 2002- My birthday is coming up! I can't wait. But unfortunately, it's supposed to rain all this weekend. (Yuck.) Anyway, life is fun lately. Well, except the fact that I've had two migraines in the past months... I really need some ideas for some fun things to put on this site. I'm kind of busy so I haven't had the time I used to. I'll think of something fun though. I really could use the input though. I think I need to make some paid advertisements. I have been trying to go to these websites where you get free advertisements but they haven't been working so well. I think I'm going to do stuff like right the url out on little cards and throw them off a large building. Yeah, that's a good idea!

Well, I have plans,

Toodles, Amanda/Darkwarrior

Monday, September 23, 2002- Hey guys, why is it that people say:"If you finish all your homework, then you will have more free time!" Actually, if I finish all my homework, I am loaded on with more chores. I think this is funny. I think this is humorous!... I think this is a sick mockery of a free world!!!!! Oh! THE INHUMANITY!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, I'm trying to find something interesting to do for my birthday. Barely any of the riding places have trail rides. And the ones who do are like $40-$50 an hour! I think that is insane. I can buy a killer video game for that amount. And it lasts for hours, and hours, and hours.... You get the idea. Well, I have to go. I'm being subjected to the same sick torture as children have been for the past century. Lawn chores....

Toodles, Amanda

P.S. Also, I am now known as Darkwarrior! Sunday, September 22, 2002- Hello adoring fans! I'm going shopping today. My mother will be dragging along. (Oh bliss! Oh joy! Oh... Kill me now...) Well, the only upside will be that I'll be dragging Josh along aswell. I feel sorry for the guy. He had no clue what me shopping was like. I don't know if he'll make it. Oh well, I'm looking forward to a cinnamon bun! Yum. Also, I'd just like to say that I hope you've all recieved the quiz. If not, email me and I'll send it to you.

Well, I've gotta fly!

Toodles, Amanda Thursday, September 20, 2002- I'm getting sick and tired of this stupid old computer. I try to finish one thing and it takes ten minutes to process and then it shuts down. Then I start over and my dad walks in and complains that I spend to much time on the computer. I wouldn't take so much time if it worked the FIRST TIME!!. I'm fuming. Another thing, tomorrow is picture day. The picture that will be on my student card will be taken tomorrow. I can't afford any slip-ups.

Another thing. I'm adding a link-free-for-all on the Great Tambourine. Please, add your link!

Gotta go do laundry!

Toodles, Amanda Wednesday, September 19, 2002- Hello everyone, I thought I would update seeing as I haven't. I'd just like to create a little update. Yes, the rumours are true... I have a boyfriend. (Does that frighten you??) His name is Josh and that's all your getting out of me! But guess what!!! Even more frightening!!! Jordan has a boyfriend (Not to be outdone) and his name is Lucas, just to keep you in the loop. Also, Jordan wrote a lovely poem about her and I (AKA Joramamjor Stanwoodley) and I will post it on her page. (Unico Amicizia) I strongly suggest you read it. It's really good. And last but not least, would you like Nick Carter to answer your phone and call you a cosmo girl??? Well then, download this quick thingi and record it onto your answering machine. (Posted in The Great Tambourine.)

Toodles, AManda Saturday, September 6, 2002- Hey everyone, I'd just like to say that highschool is fun. I've been there for like a week and I've already made AWESOME friends... Liberachi.... "Mable"... Nevermind, inside joke. Anyway, I have to go, there is this really lame fair in town and I have to be there so I guess I have to get dressed. If your getting bored you can check out my diary.


Amanda Monday, September 2, 2002- Well, tomorrow school starts. Jordan is agonizing over what to wear. Unlike Jordan, I have planned in advance. I've already done a "dry run" for hair, make-up and shower. I've cut my wake-up and get ready time to about an hour and a half. I caught her in the tub and she ran out to her room. Haha.... All I wanted to tell her was that I could pick her up tomorrow. Haha... She thought it might be something important. Haha.

Anyway, if I see anyone I really dispise and they say something to me I am going to say: Oh I'm sorry, I can't remember anything after the accident. Tomorrow's going to be great. I hope.

Toodles, Amanda Friday, August 30, 2002- Crikey! I just saw that Crocodile Hunter movie. Cinematic brilliance I tell you! They should make a sequel. I'm really angry that we didn't get to see Steve Irwin taken into custody and put into shackles. They see him explaining to a judge that: "They were poachers, Mate! And I was REAL grumpy!" and then after he's sentenced he turns to the camera and says: "Apparaently the judge doesn't quite know just how inmportant that croc was to the surrounding ecosystem. And what was with that toy they were after!?"

Haha, I would laugh! Well, I gotta go!

Amanda Thursday, August 29, 2002- Hey everyone, I just made a new website. It's a neopets one. It's okay, but I just started it. The url is: here <>. Anyway, you probably won't get it unless you are on Neopets. I finished the book, The Mists of Avalon. It was great! I can't wait untill... I rent the Miniseries again. I guess it was okay, but the book was WAY better then they portrayed on tv. I need to do a little more work on that neopets page. Please check it out. It's pretty cool.

Toodles, Amanda Tuesday, August 27, 2002- Hiya, guess what. I just got back from the stupid Canada's Wonderland with Miss.I-don't-wanna-go-on-upside-down-rides. It was a blast. Actually, I had fun. The line-ups were pretty long though. We went on, like, half a dozen rides. But I got a Henna Tattoo. I got it of this little shaman fire dude...I'll draw a picture of it and scan on here....Anyhoo, I got it on my right collerbone. I don't know why, but that's where I like to put tatoos. I think because it's a somewhat flat surface. Also because you can see it when I'm wearing virtually any shirt. HAHA...Sorry, I just remembered. I made my dad go on Top Gun with me. His hair was all funny afterwards. Still...HAHA

Toodles, Amanda Wednesday, August 14, 2002- Today I went to the beach with Jordan. We worked on wrestling moves. Yeah, pretty pathetic. And "hickish." Right now, she's in the process of trying to talk me into riding Superman. I'm rethinking it because my other friend Matt, said that it wasn't that scary. If he's lying I swear...mumblemumble...chokeslam....mumblemumble. Anyway-OH MY GOD! HE'S GOT MY LOOFA! HE'S GOT MY LOOFA! THE DOG IS RUNNING AWAY WITH MY LOOFA. JORDAN SEIZE HIM!.

Sorry folks, I'm gonna have to cut this session short.

Amanda Sunday, August 11, 2002- Howdy Doody! I've been gone for a couple of days. Cut off from the Internet. I struggled... But it was no use. I just had to stay at my friends. Well, I'm a week away from my trip to Darien Lake. I'm still not thinking about Superman. I'll think about that when I get there.

Anyway, I'm thinking of actually putting something on Jordan's page. In fact it's a piece of her writing. From the book that the both of us are writing. It was actually her story to begin with and it still is, but I'm just a co-writer I guess. Often we sit down (usually in different houses connected by a phone line) and she thinks up concepts and write them. She tells me what happens and I add the detail. We honestly, truly write this together. Well, don't forget to check it out.

Toodles, Amanda Wednesday, August 7, 2002- Hey Everyone. I am SOOOO sorry I haven't been updating lately. I just...Uh... Was kind of lazy. Well, anyway... I'm in the process of creating my photo biography. haha.... But I seriously doubt if I'm ever going to put it onto the internet. SO you guys will never see it! (Unless I know you of course.)

Well, I have to go watch Mad TV right now, but if I think of anything funny, I'll put it on later.

Toodles, AmandaThursday, July 18, 2002- YOU CAN TAKE OUR LIVES! BUT YOU'LL NEVER HAVE OUR FREEDOM!
Sorry, it's just that Braveheart was such a good movie. Between chores
and laziness, it took me almost all day to watch that movie. Yeah, I think I should put that on my bedroom door. Or get a horse, paint my face and ride outside my front door. When my parents come out I'll yell: YOU CAN TAKE AWAY OUR PHONE PRIVLEDGES! BUT YOU'LL NEVER HAVE OUR FREEDOM. I think I'm gonna put that in my prank book. Haha, I crack myself up.
Well, I gotta go... There's freedom to be avenged,
Amanda Tuesday, July 16, 2002- Hey all. I just want to say Happy Birthday to my sister. She turned 10 yesterday.

Well, I went camping this weekend with a different set of aunt and uncle. The best part is the golf cart. Haha. Insider joke. Well anyway, I went shopping with my Aunt Pam yesterday. I bought stuff... I got a little migraine though and I missed dinner. Then I went to bed early and got some sleep. Now I'm just checking my email and updating. How fun. Anyway, I was horseback riding at this farm yesterday. It was really nice. I was riding this quarter horse. Man, it's so weird. When your used to riding Arabs and Thoroughbreds, a quarter horse is quite a change. They keep there heads low and this paticular gelding tripped over everything. He was recently gelded so he still had some stallion in him. It kept me on my toes. I have it on video tape but unfortunately I don 't have the technology to transfer vhs to compact disk.

Well, gotta go,

Amanda Sunday, July 7/2002- (Low moans of pain.) Owww... My fingers hurt!! Why you may ask? Binder twine! It may have 101 uses, but it will make a mean blister. It was huge! What are in blisters anyway. I thought it might be water, but it didn't taste like water. Just joking. I thought it would gross a few of you out. I popped them and then cut away the dead skin and then put neosporin on it. Then put a band aid on it. Anyway, today was pretty okay. I'm kinda tired, and I'm last in the pecking order, so I get the shower last. Yes, I'm sitting here all stinky and stuff updating my webpage.

Tonight we're watching The Devil's Own. Last night it was John Wayne (The Searchers) and Domestic Disturbance. Man, I had Vince Vaughn nightmares. That guy is big...and scary...well, sometimes. Actually, only when he's trying to murder his stepson...and John Travolta. Man, they had a fight, and old Vincey chucked him across the room. I would pay him to haul my hay.

Well, toodle-oo

Amanda Wednesday, July 3/2002- I have arrived! Two days ago. Sorry I didn't update. I was really tired from the trip...And this new game I got is more fun than updating a website. On the way here we stopped at the Kentucky Horse Park. It was really fun. We saw really famous horses. I don't know if you know them, but some of them were Cigar, John Henry and we saw Man O' War's grave. It was so neat. I'll try to put some horse pictures up, but it might take a while for development. (It's a Kodak Advantix.) Well, this morning I recieved presents from "Lucky". It was a stick. Yesterday it was a piece of cardboard. Awww, he shouldn't have!

Toodles, Amanda Saturday, June 29, 2002- I'm really sorry that I haven't updated in a while. It's just, life has been hectic. Firstly, I graduated!! Oh YEAH!! I recieved 3, count'em, 3 awards! I won an award for history, computer technology(big surprise) and honor roll! How good am I. But on a bad note, on the way to grad, in that cute little convertable, we were in an accident. We were broadsided by a cube van and the car almost flipped over. Everyone seemed to be okay. But yesterday I noticed major pain in my lower back and upper left leg. It still hurts and I'm kind of limping. Another thing, I bought the Sims! That game rocks. I've been playing that in my spare time.

Last but not least, my aunt is here and we're leaving for Alabama tomorrow. I'm going to go down with the "eh" and come back with the southern twang.

Well, I gotta go, lot's to do. Also, I may not update for a few days because I'll be gone, but once I get there I'll try to update everyday so you can know how my day went. (Actually, my mom's making me so she can know every little detail.) That is really annoying.

Toodles, Amanda Thursday, June 20, 2002- Tomorrow is the end of the last full week of school! That rocks!! We're also renting a movie. Fun stuff. Anyhoo, my aunt should be here soon. (A day or two.) My dress was taken in today aswell. I get it back on Monday. I can't wait. Anyway, nothing important happened today so this is all for now.I also want to wish a happy birthday to my cousin Quade! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!

And also to my aunt, but I will talk to her when she gets here. We're going to make a road tripd video. (No Tom Green gags!) Monday, June 17, 2002- Well, today was Monday. It was a pretty good Monday. I almost failed a drama assignment. Oh well, my drama teacher hates me. I she's pretty doom and gloom, ya know.

Anyway, Emily brought this cardboard box to school as a prop for her drama thing. It was supposed to be a car... Well, we "drove" it up and down the halls. It made a really weird noise. Eventually, Lindsey decided to "go for a drive" with us. We all ended up in a heap on the floor making car noises.

In other news today, Trish's dad is going to drive her and I and some other girls to grad in a Corvette!! A CORVETTE BABY!

ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like, oh yeah mom, dad, I'm going to grad in a VETTE! HAHAHAH Sunday, June 16, 2002- Today is Father's Day. What did I get for my Dad? A website of course. It's <>

Yeah, it rocks. I also took both my grandpas and my dad out for brunch(with my sister and my mom) to a nice restaraunt intown. There was an all-you-can-eat buffet. More like a more-than-you-can-eat buffet. Anyhoo, I tried not to overload.

One of my cats is missing. Taz, my black and white one. I made flyers and biked up and down the road and put them in all the mailboxes. I also meditate and ask him to come home because my riding instructers dog ran away and she meditated and he came back. It was pretty neat. I sometimes wonder about your inner energy. You know, the energy of mind, body and spirit. Apparently I don't have enough energy to run a Walkman

Thursday, June 13, 2002- I don't care if the sun don't shine! Actually I do. You know what? I just realizes what a sick and demented sense of humour I have. (I wonder where I get it from?) Anyhoo, nothing really important happened today. Tomorrow I won't be able to write and entry so here is my itinerary:

Morning: Eat breakfast. Get ready for school. Go to school.

Latter of day: At school.

Afternoon: Get out of school. Go to gym. Maybe meet up with Jordan.

Dinner: Maybe have dinner with and/or at Jordan's

Evening: Stay at Jordans. Rent movie. Make popcorn. Sleep (Maybe)

Sounds promising. I will also be riding all day the next day (Saturday). Maybe I will have time in my busy schedule to update.

Monday, June 10, 2002- Today I didn't have to do any school work. It rocked. I just worked on the Graduation Slideshow with my friend Rachel. Anyhoo, my feet really hurt. I was running on my patio in bare feet and the cobblestone really hurts. Well, nothing fun happened today.                Toodles, Amanda

Sunday, June 9, 2002- Hey, today while I was in town I visited Jordan her at a horse show. I got there right when her and her Pleasure Pair partner won a third. I just came to say hi but before I knew it, I was covered with reins and helmets and transforming into my go-for self. It really annys me but anyhoo, life goes on.

I'm really into this one movie that I want to see. It's called Bourne Identity. Matt Damon is in it. It looks good. MMMMMmmmmmm...Matt Damon.


Saturday, June 8, 2002- Okay, yesterday, I was trying to catch this stray cat that has been hanging around our house for a couple weeks and picking fights with my cats. I caught it. But then my mothers little yapper dog, Zoe, decided to come running. The cat scratched right through my t-shirt. I have these two long scars on my stomach now. Mommeeeeeee! I have a boo-boo!