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My Own Drummer
About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I am but one in a world of conformists and spartans alike. I am only one. But I recognize the freedom I live in, or what's left of it, and I seem to be joined by few in embracing our freedom and using it to it's full advantage and potential. Why be like everyone else when you have the freedom not to. Take the initiative to make a difference and stand out.
So, I'm a little girl from Canada. My best friend, Jordan, and I are writing about the lives of are alter-egos. She has more than I do though. It's really freaky because we've been sending bits and pieces to some editors and publishers who really think it's good. They all want us to finish it. We have so much stuff that we'd have to condense it into smaller volumes. We're each working on side projects right now. Maybe later I'll add on some exerpts.

Besides writing and dancing, I'm seriously into riding. Not as much as Jordan. I haven't had a lot of time to ride lately. I've been really busy because I was working on my last group project. Now I'm going solo.
After grad, I'm going to stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Alabama. For three weeks. I'm hoping to do a little riding there. I usually show in the summer, but this summer I don't think my schedule will allow it.

My Stats

Name: Amanda 

Nick-Name: Manda

Alias(s): Katie Lindor, Silverwyd, Silver

B-Day: September 30

Age: 14

Height in socks: 5'5

Height in shoes: 5'7

Height in my Grad Shoes: 5'10 

Occupation: Student/Author/Dancer/Certified delinquent

Pet-Peeves: Little sister, Kirstun Dunst (creepy), filthy dirty liars

Favourite saying: "This is my friend... Norman." (All alone.)

Most embarrassing moment: Ummm...It invloved light fluid, Napalm and one silly little match.

Favourite job: Vet, dancer, author, crash test dummy

Least favourite job: Towel girl for Stone Cold Steve Austin. (Shudder)

Best friend: Jordan/Danny/Emily/Fellow certified delinquent