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My Own Drummer

So lately...

Um, this is what I'll update the most... Probably. It depends on if I feel well.
Good Friday, April 18, 2003- As I am sitting here writing you, the noise of heathens and the smell of carnage is overwhelming my senses. Yes, Easter dinner has fallen upon us quickly. The horror of the haste in which this year has preceded is only intensified with the threat of an Easter Egg Hunt. I would my own demons come upon me rather than be subjected to such a terror as this. I pen this to you dear friend, get out. Get out before they fall upon you as they have I. I am growing weak and the smell of roasting meat and the odours of these savages are making me light headed. I must go.
Toodles, Amanda

Hey, this is Amanda speaking. After several horrible website... Incidents...I have decided to take it safe and make a website I actually know something about. Outdoor plumbing!!! Joking, me silly!

You may be wondering about why I would call my site My Own Drummer. Well, everyone says I march to my own drummer. But I think I am my own drummer. That or crazy.

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BTW the Code is "getumout"!
Have fun!

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