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This is our little slice of Neopia.

What are we? Who are we? You are we!

The website turned into the Neopets Guild. We'll have all sorts of neat things for you on here. Hopefully, they'll be nice things... Drummer things maybe.... Anyway, moving along!

Like our logo, it doesn't fit on the logo thing at Neopets.

MyOwnDrummer the guild is all about the united forces of the slightly strange, twisted, humorous group of Neopians that are under the bubble gum image. You know, they give they're Neopets unique (very unique) personalities and strange personas. In this guild, we support and aid any fallen friends. If your pet is starving, we'll help you! If your pet is failing math.... Well, I don't know if we can help you, but we can try!

Please contact me by email at or you can neomail me. My user name is silverwed