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Neopets Survival

Coping in a virtual world can be hard....

We at M.O.D. Guild can help ease the pain....

1. Don't let your pets have everything they want.
2. If you feed your pets omelette everyday, and you always have at least four extra omelettes (15np each) then your pets will never go hungry and you will never go pour.
3. Visit the Healing Springs everyday so your pets can have "me time"
4. Only play games that can get you money.
 -Bumper Cars
 -Potato Counter
 -(Once you have a hardy bank account)  The Wheel of Excitement
5. Don't buy neggs just to use the neggery. It's not worth it.
6. Never give ouy your password.... EVER!
7. Don't let people "petsit" your pets. They're just after your account.
8. When your selling items in your shop, make sure your prices are reasonable and people will come back.
9. Try to spread your time evenly between pets so they are all delighted.
10. HAVE FUN!!

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