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Backstreet Boys Fanfic
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 Chapter 2 

A.J, Nick, and Aaron ran like there lives depended on it. A.J motioned for the cab driver to start the engine and unlock the doors. With Nicks long golden locks flying every where they jumped into the cab and slammed their doors and locked them. All those girls started pounding on the windows smearing posters, lipstick and other various items all over the cab. Eventually, they got out onto the road.

* * *

Jane Carter looked out the window. She saw a tree stump. The same tree stump her oldest son serenaded her on. She could still remember it clearly, she was washing dishes when all of a sudden she heard a voice singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water". She looked out the window and saw a little 9 year old blond boy singing to her from atop tree stump. She remembered before telling him how much she loved that song. And listening to it over and over. He must have memorized it, but she never saw him ever go into the little drawer where she kept her records and tapes. She remembered all the auditions she took him to, the let down's and pushy stage mothers who made jokes at her little Nickys expence just to win a role for her daughter or son in a t.v. show or comercial. So what saying "More Ovaltine please!" is not such a big thing-but it was to her son-her baby. Jane heard a car door slam. Then a cab driving away. She switched on the television as to look like she was doing something prevailing her to pick up her youngest son from school.

"No, you started it-"

"Nah ah! You always blame me!"

Her sons had arrived. Yes, there it was. The unmistakable sounds of youth.

"Hi, boys." she said as her almost six foot 14 year old son and her 4' 7 six year old son come in.

"Mom, scince I went to all the trouble bringing him home can I go? A.J is waiting outside. We were gonna walk to the Dough Boys house." the older son asked trying to sound as innocent as possible.

"Nick, honey, don't call Mr. Pearlman that." Jane told Nick, even though he protested, "No 'but's' because I don't even care what that Alexander or any of the rest of them call him." Jane said.

Before Nick could interrupt a television report came on. The reporter sitting at the desk started talking,

"This weekend there have been many UFO sitings in the area around Mr.Louis 'Dough Boy' Pearlman's property. His video camera reveal five caped hero's fighting evil aliens. Could these Caped Crusaders be a sign of justice-" Nick turned the channel before his mother recognized his face. Unfortuanatley for him it showed a report from a helicopter the voice said,

"Today at(static-static)Public School(static-static)and(static) were trapped in they're cab by a mob of screaming girls. This incident left fifteen hospitalized and 6 dead. More on this tonight."

Nick changed it to MTV.

"What were you saying, Mom?"