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Backstreet Boys Fanfic
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 Chapter 7-The Mushy Chapter 

"Oh my God." Howie whispered. A bright, yellow light radiated through out the morgue. Then it all went dark. A figure stood in the piercing black. The lights flickered back on. It was an alien. It looked like Scully. Big red ars and all.

"Uh...Guys?" A.J. asked. The alien let out a piercing shreek.

"You killed my lover!" the alien yelled.

"W-w-what do you mean. I-I don't know what your talking about." Nick stuttered with tears glistening in his eyes.

"You killed Mustafapoo!" the alien cried, "I gave this youth an illness so he was easier to catch! Now I'm going to take this youth in exchange."

"Can't we comprimise?" Kevin said calmly. Leave it up to him to negotiate with an extra terristrial.

"Comprimise?" the alien asked.

"You know...Okay you don't. It's when we give you something else you want instead of him." Brian said bending the truth.

"Will you give m your powers?" the alien asked.

"Never!" Howie said dramatically.

"Then will you sacrifice your own life?" the alien said. Nick jumped out and handed his amulet to Kevin.

"I'll do it!" Nick stated courageously.

"What are you doing?" A.J. said. Nick ignored him and continued to walk towards the alien.

"Going once..." said the alien.

"Com'n Nick" A.J. pleaded.

"Going twice..." A.J. jumped in front of Nick. But Nick pushed him away.

"Noooooooooooooooo!" they all yelled in rage.

"Gone...It's done." the alien completed. Nick slumped to the ground.

* * *

Nick walked towards the alien. He was doing this for his brother. For his mom. Why was he doing this again. Ah save his brother. Nothing would stop him. A.J. jumped in front of him. Nick painfully brushed him aside. He continued walking. He started to get flash backs of his past-him playing pranks, him singing to his mom from a tree stump, him jumping in the water. All of a sudden it hit him. He fell to the ground. He wasn't dead. He wasn't breathing though. He had all his sences. He just couldn't move. What was happening. He again tried to move but couldn't. He landed on his side perfect for seeing his brother. Aaron's chest rose and fell. He was alive, and breathing! But what was happening to Nick?

* * *

A.J. changed gears from zero to hero in five seconds. He would avenge his best friend. Brian put a hand on A.J.'s shoulder.

"Guys, I have an idea." Brian said. Moments later Aaron was standing there in super hero mode. He was using Nicks amulet. The amulets give you powers based on your hobbies. So Aaron wasn't a ninja but a Bart Simpson look-alike. His hair was up in spikes.His back pocket was filled with pebbles. His other back pocket had a sling shot in it. His brain filled with just the right comebacks and put-downs. The rest of the boys were in hero uniform.

"We wanna' challenge you to a duel!" Brian stated uncomfortably.

"The humans want to play a game?" the alien mocked.

"Uh...Yeah!" Aaron put in quickly.

"If we destroy you we get Nick. If you win you keep Nick." Kevin said.

"Why would I want to do this?" the alien asked. It took Aaron back to the play ground where the big kids didn't want to play with the little kids. Aarons spectaclar wits kicked in.

"Well, you see, we've been hearing rumors that are bouncing around the galaxy, and they say that you are a real wimp. Wimp means weak and feable, and we just wanted to see if they were true." Aaron had no idea what he was saying but it seemed to work.

"Well, in that case I except your challenge. I'll show them who's a wimp." the alien muttered the last part.

"1, 2, 3, GO!"

Brian shot a ball of energy at the alien. The alien generated a force field around him. The ball bounced off him and dissapeared. Aaron ran up and said in a babyish voice:

"Whaz yoor name?" then shot him in the groin. Nothing happened. Except a big smoking hole. Aaron was astonished that he had inflicted no pain.

"My name is Shlumpy!" the alien said.

"And I can see from here that you have great balls of fire." Aaron said. A.J. pulled out his laser guns and shot like the devil while throwing several curses at Shlumpy. The lasers zoomed past the aliens head.

"A.J. the next time you shoot aim just to the left of his head." Howie used his telepathic powers and directed the info into A.J.'s head so Shlumpy couldn't hear. Shlumpy knocked A.J. across the head from behind. Howie dodged his blow. Aaron shot with precision and a fiery ball passed through the evil aliens eye gouging out the other side. The guys all lined up in a row ready to fire everything they had at one time. Before they could do so Shlumpy knocked them out with one swift swing of the arm. They all were lying down on the floor unconcious. Shlumpy knew that they wern't yet dead so he generated a comet in his mouth it would blow the floor out but hey, it wasn't his problem. Then out of now where a laser shot. He instinctivley moved to the left. Wrong direction. The laser went into his brain. Unlike humans he had much more brain capacity so the laser was stopped. But it left something in his head. A small time bomb set to go off in 3 seconds. He turned to see where the laser head come from. He saw A.J. standing with the laser still in his hand. 3...2...1...KABLEWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shlumpy's head exploded and the rest of him turned to dust. A.J,. suffering from exhaustion, fell to the ground. Where was Nick?


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