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Backstreet Boys Fanfic
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 Chapter 6 

Brian, Kevin, and Howie picked them up. The older BSBer's all shared an apartment. When Nick and A.J. asked for a lift they all offered. When they got to the hospital Jane Carter's eyes were red and puffy. She also looked surprized to see them all there. She was just expecting A.J. and Nick.

"Oh Nicky!," the frantic mother cried, "I just went to the bathroom for one second and poof, he was gone. If only I'd stayed or held it or something!" Jane retreated into Nick's arms.

"We'll look for him. He has to be in the hospital somewhere. Trust me, when I was in the hospital for months I'd do anything to get out. Never did get very far." Brian recalled and offered.

"Yeah, Mom! We'll look for him." Nick said. A.J. rolled his eyes. The last thing he wanted to do tonight was look for a nine year old.

"Will you Nicky?" she looked up breifly then wiped her nose and eyes in her son's shirt.

"Uh sure, Mom" Nick mumbled.

"Why don't you sit down and have a cup of coffee." Kevin offered. An attractive nurse walked in and looked at all the boys, then frowned.

"Com'n Jane. I have a cocolate bar in my office." the nurse said. A.J. looked at her adoringly.

"Thanks, Betsy. OOPS!" Jane dropped accidently walked into the corner of the table and knocked over an empty coffee cup among many. Betsy bent over to pick it all up. A.J., Nick, and Brian looked at her equally attractive rear end and groaned. Betsy straitened up and threw the cup in the garbage. Nick quickly wiped the drool from his mouth. Kevin noticed that if they didn't start looking for Aaron now they would be too distracted to later.

"Com'n guys, let's get going!" Kevin and Howie dragged the immature youths from the room. They searched the whole building.

"Where haven't we looked." Howie asked. They all looked at each other and said:

"The Morgue"

A.J., who'd seen one too many horror movies, had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the elavator. I halted this boyish behaviour as soon as he saw who was in the elavator. It was Nurse Betsy! He strutted on and stood right beside her. The rest of the boys climbed in. A.J. decided to flirt before the elavator stopped.

"How you doin'?" he asked.

"Okay..." Nurse Betsy said. She glanced at Kevin and winked, "Do you work out?" She asked batting her eyes. Kevin was surprized and answered without thinking:

"As a matter of fact...I do!" he flirted right back. A.J.'s eyes turned green with envy. Moments later they heard DING! The door bell stop and the boys got out. Nurse Betty blew Kevin a kiss as the elavator door closed. A.J. thought to him self. I'll show him who's hotter. Just wait and see, Kevy. His jealousy disappered as he saw the door that said MORGE in big black letters. Only when he was fully equipped with scrubs and a face mask did he join his band mates.

"Guys, do you think they'll let us down here." Howie asked. He examined the filing cabinets carefully. "Ya think they keep old records in here?" He pulled out a cabinet and screamed. A dead human layed on the table. A.J. looked nausiated.

"COOL!" Nick exclaimed. Everyone turned and looked at him. "WHAT?" he asked. "A guys gotta have hobbies!" They all just ignored him. They'd learn to except him in time. "Let's look through all of these cabinet thingies." Brian suggested.

They started looking. Nick gasped. They all ran over. The sound of sneakers on linolium was booming. They turned the corner too find Nick staring down at a little boy-dead. It was Aaron!


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