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Backstreet Boys Fanfic
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 Chapter 5 

After their meal in total and utter confusion A.J. went to Nick's for a sleep over. They walked into the dark and silent house. Nick turned on the kitchen light and naturally, walked over to the fridge. On the fridge was a note.

"Hey, A.J.! Come here." Nick yelled.

"I'm right here! Jeepers, what is is." A.J. said.

"It's a note from my mom." Nick said, starting to read it in his head.

"Would you like to share it with the rest of the class?" A.J. said.

"Oh yeah, it says: Dear Nicky," Nick dictated while getting out some Twinkies, "I've taken Aaron to the hospital. He is coughing like a asmatic. Knowing that A.J. was coming over I filled the cubboard with Lil' Debbie Cakes. Please try to get to bed before 11:00. Luv, Mommy P.S. Call me on my cell (555-5437)"

Dear, Nicky

I've taken Aaron to the hospital. He was coughing like an asmatic. Knowing Alexander was coming over I filled the cuboards with Lil' Debbie cakes.

Luv, Mommy

P.S. Call me on my cell (555-5437)

P.P.S. Please try to get in bed before 11.00.

"Let's call 'Mommy', shall we 'Nicky'?" A.J. mocked. Nick ripped open a box of Twinkies and bit into one viciously (while giving a dirty look to A.J.) spraying the cream all over his face. A.J. started laughing.

"You-giggle-look like-giggle- Father Christmas!" A.J. choked. Nick gave in and started laughing. Nick walked over to the phone and dialed, while A.J. stuck his head in the refridgerator.

"Hi Mom- It's Nick.-Phnemonia!- How did he get phnemonia in the middle of June?-Whatever-I love you to, Mom- Bye" Nick took a large gulp of pop.He looked up and saw A.J. with whipped cream all over him. Nick then spewed the Dr.Pepper (which he had been gargling) all over A.J. rinsing the whipped cream off.

"I think we need to wash off." A.J. giggled. Although it was late the air was warm. The boys ran out to the dock and stripped down to there boxers. Nick dived in first. After Nick surfaced A.J. did a cannon ball splashing Nick. The salty ocean water invited them with open arms. They jumped and splashed for about thirty minutes. Then Nick slowly climbed back onto the dock. A.J. behind him. A breeze came up and made little ripples on the smooth surface of the ocean. Nick shivered. He looked out over the ocean in awe. The ocean had suduced him the minute he stuck his toe in it. If the whole Backstreet Boy thing didn't work out he would probably become a marine bioligist or something. All of a sudden A.J. body slammed Nick into the waves. Nick jumped out only to cough up A.J.'s dust. A.J. may have been older and more muscled but he didn't have a chance against Nick! Nick took off towards the house.

* * *

A.J. watched Nick go into a daze. A.J. dicided to take advantage of this. He ran a little ways in the oppiste direction, then turned around and ran towards Nick at full speed ramming him off the dock. A.J. didn't wait for Nick to clober out of the water and beat him to the size of Gummie Bear. He high-tailed it outa' there! He heard Nick curse. A good sign that he was ticked off. He had to find a place to hide. He ran up the stairs and slipped on the top step. He then procided to catch himself which resulted in him rolling down the stairs. When he became concious he saw Nick looking at him slyly. Then he looked down and saw dozens of pictures of him lying at the bottom of the stairs drooling and half his rear exposed. Before he could react NIck swooped them up.

"Dude, I know you're friend in all but no one I repeat no one pushes me off the dock and gets away with it." Nick said with a devilish smile on his face.

"Let's comprimise ok." A.J. pleaded.

"Well.... if you stay quiet about this I'll say that I kicked the bejeezus out of your dumb butt- You tell anyone about me lettin' you go easy and I'll spread these pictures all over Orlando!" Nick said.

"Negotiation accepted." A.J. said, "Now will you please untie me?"

Nick untied A.J., they dried off and put on fresh boxers and a t-shirt. Then retired to their holy shrine, the t.v.! BRING BRING BRING! The phone rang.

"I'll get it." Nick said. "Hello-Hi Mom- Yeah we're fine- Oh we found something to do- What- How- Will be there in a minute."

"A.J.!" Nick said, "We have to go to the hospital. Aarons missing!"


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