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Backstreet Boys Fanfic
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 Chapter 1 

The First Epic Chapter in the Backstreet Chronicles: Book 1

                    One fine day, in Orlando,FLA, the all mighty Pillsbury Dough Boy decided to start a group. In order to find talent he hired Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox Mulder. They helped the all mighty Dough Boy with his "other project", New Kids In the Hall. They had a managment company called "The X-Files".

                    Mulder and Scully were to scout out the talent of Fla. Many tests revealed one small trio. They called themselves "The Three Stooges". They sounded promising. The members, Larry , Curly and Moe, took some tests that came out positive. The Three Stooges signed a contract which went as follows: blah,-- blah, blah-- blah, blah-- Please sign here. So they, being good little stooges, did what the contract said. The all mighty Dough Boy didn't think they sounded good enough alone so he sent out the Agents again.

                    On this search they found a promising youth from Kentucky who called himself Butch Cassidy. Not only did he have a great voice, but he was good in the ways of the gun. He also was very good at playing the piano. The all mighty Dough Boy still wasn't satisfied so Butch got together with The Stooges and the Agents and said "Ya'll!! Listen tuh this. I know this kid who can sing his ars off."

                  "Contact him as soon as possible and get him down here." Agent Scully said.

                 "I'll run a back up check." Mulder said with importance. He and Agent Scully got back to Washington ASAP.

              ***                 ***              ***               ***             ***

                   Later that day back in Kentucky, The Sundance Kid was in the middle of his History class in high-school. It was the last period of the day and The Kid was looking forward to two things: Finishing class and becomeing an adolesent. (Although he would always be a Kid.)

                   Suddenly, the P.A system announcer came on and stated with no enthusiasim whatsoever:


                    His face turnd red. What was so important that it couldn't wait t'ill he was home? Maybe it's something about Mom or Dad or my truck!! He asked himself. He put away his books and ran out the door bumping into the door frame as he did so. He ran down the hall, into the office and quickly picked up the phone.

                   "H-h-hi." He said stuttering.

                   "Its me Butch, how y'all doin'?" said Butch.

                    "I'm fine Butch. Why'd ya call? What happened?" The Kid asked with concern.

                    "Well I'm in a singing group and we need an onther person to help us out. Ya think ya could."

                    "Ya I guess so but couldn't ya wait to phone me later?" The Kid asked.

                    "Agent Scully told me to phone now." Butch said.

Although puzzled The Kid agreed.

                    When he got home he packed his bags into the back of his 4 X 4 truck called the Bleedn' Rasbury (no one knows to this day why he named it that) and set off towards Florida, victory, and hopefully his manhood.

Meanwhile, back in old FLA...